• Coming from wine growers’ families for many generations, we have devoted all our energy and know-how to offer you this top-of-the-range champagne.

    Located in the heart of the mountain of Reims, we benefit from a favourable environment which encourages us to always strive for perfection and excellence.

    We practice reasoned viticulture which advocates the respect of soils and plants while limiting the use of fertilisers and controlling the inputs. We are not for the use of insecticides and we implement cover planting techniques that limit erosion, stabilize soils and favour microfauna.

    In our cellars we have always worked in keeping with our values that are the authenticity and the respect of our product while combining our traditional know-how and sense of modernity.

    We have opted for a traditional vinification which consists of a significant part of our selected reserve wines which bring this mellow and aromatic complexity and sign our cuvees.

    Finally we let time do the work and our champagne is aged in our cellars for many years to allow it to reach optimal fullness and ripeness.
  • A harmonious blend of three grape varieties from the Champagne area : the Chardonnay, the Pinot Noir and the Pinot Meunier grapes … the perfect match for the aperitif!  

    This secular blend is characterized by its harmony and balance. The part of reserve wines gives an exemplary regularity.

    With its nice bright gold color and its fine sparkles, this Champagne will seduce you.

    After more than three years in cellar, this cuvee has reached full maturity and offers an aromatic fruit intensity.

    This cuvee will be the star of your aperitif!
  • A subtle touch of red berries will delight your taste buds, until dessert!

    Based on a harmonious blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, this nice Rosé cuvee results from a blend with reserves of red wine – approximately 15% - stocked in oak casks and carefully selected.

    Its slight salmon color flatters the eye. Its red berries-fine nose will perfectly comply with gourmet flavors of wild strawberry and raspberry.

    Ideal aperitif during a summer evening, this nice cuvee definitely accompanies your desserts made of red fruit.
  • This vintage is 100% Chardonnay. It is the utmost expression of refinement.

    This cuvee - exclusively elaborated from Chardonnay grape variety – is sophisticated. It distinguishes from its fineness and freshness. It benefits from a long aging on lees which allows to enhance subtle aromas.

    Its nose is very expressive and floral – white flowers . This distinguished vintage offers citrus scent and white-fleshed fruit. The final is long with a slight hint of brioche.

    This nice Blanc de Blancs vintage is a sensational experience with fish and sea food.
  • Issued from a secretive production with a very low dosage, this cuvee is associated with purity and lightness.

    This vintage differs from the others through its extraordinary balance between acidity and fruit, it is a wine for pleasure. It is elaborated from a blend of Chardonnay (approx. 50%) , Pinot Noir – (approx. 40%) and Pinot Meunier (approx. 10%).

    Its secret lies in a very low dosage and over five years of rest on lees in a cellar. Its very low dosage offers an astonishing purity and vitality, avoiding any aggressiveness. Its nose reminds fresh grape and some hints of white-fleshed fruit. The mouth is fine and gourmet with a nice final.

    This atypical vintage nicely fits oysters and shellfish.
  • Excellence is at stake for this rare blend 100% cuvee, Chardonnay is dominant and conveys its utmost fineness and elegance!

    This high quality vintage made in small quantities, is different by a subtle blend of fineness and winery taste with nice complex aromas.

    It is issued from an elitist blend of all best reserve wines. Its Chardonnay dominance expresses its delicacy thanks to a long maturation on lees.

    Its honey and spicy nose offers notes of hazelnuts, toasted almonds and cooked fruit. In mouth, the stewed flavors get the edge and give an outstanding final.

    This long and generous wine will fit nice poultry like fattened pullet with morel mushroom cream sauce.
  • Guide HACHETTE 2017

    We are proud to inform you that the Champagne CHANOIR-FRESNE is featured in the Guide HACHETTE des VINS 2017 with the Brut PRESTIGE cuvee (one star) and the brut ROSE cuvee.
    Our MAGNUMS … Excellence in large size.

    Optimal content for a long aging, Magnums sublimate Champagne.

    We have selected our rare vintages for this ideal bottle.

    Treat yourself with big moments of tasting sessions and find out more about our new range of Brut Privilège, Brut Rosé, Brut Blanc de Blancs and Brut Prestige Magnums

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